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Red Carpet Communications Limited is duly incorporated by the Corporate Affairs Commission in Nigeria as a limited liability company. We are a multi media firm with a specialized skill in events packaging and reporting. Our top brand is Red Carpet TV, a weekly celebrity event television programme that has been on air since Sunday May 3 2009. Essentially a social diary, Red Carpet TV is a marvelous file of glamorous events; incorporating sights and sounds of special celebrations. It is a stylish presentation of the glitz and the glamour concomitant with high profile events, highlighting great celebrities and celebrating gorgeous spectacles; all in a uniquely refreshing and fascinating style. At Red Carpet TV, we have got the passion and extra ordinary determination to capture pictures of epic moments and creatively present breath taking clips for the consummate gladness of the viewing public. Our production crew comprises tested professionals with varying years of experience in diverse fields of journalism, cinematography and motion graphics.

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