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Plateau Radio Corporation

Committed To You

PRTV believes that the role of media in society should include : (a) partnering with government in promoting development issues (b) grassroots mobilization (c) partnership and advocacy for best practices for the attainment of The Millenium Development Goals Our principal objectives are to : (a) provide information, education and entertainment through Radio and Television Services (b) serve as link through which Government can effectively reach citizens with programmes and policies (c) generate revenue to complement government's funding PRTV broadcasts on AM & FM Radio and Television with substations at Miango Road, Jos, Shendam(TV), Dangkang and Mangun.

  • Channel : Radio
  • License Type : Terrestrial Radio
  • Frequency : 313MHz in 228metre
  • General Manager : Abrahim Yiljap
  • Channel URL :

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All complaints decided by the Council may be made publicly available including the name of the complainant. However, in the event of complainant has valid concerns relating to privacy issues in making a complaint, the Council may in its absolute discretion consider requests from the complainant for anonymity/ confidentiality