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Niger State Media Corporation

N/AThe Broadcasting Corporation of Niger State (BCNS) was established by Niger State Government Edict No.2 of 1st April 1979. However, the BCNS started actual operation in 1978. Prior to this date, the station that was to form the nucleus of the BCNS was a Nigeria Broadcasting Corporation, NBC repeater station, headed by a Controller at that time, the late Alhaji Ahmed Lukeman. Edict NO.2 of April 1979 which established the BCNS charged it with responsibility for Radio Broadcasting Services on behalf of the government for so much of the state as may, from time to time, be reasonably practicable”.

Report a bad or unprofessional broadcast.

All complaints decided by the Council may be made publicly available including the name of the complainant. However, in the event of complainant has valid concerns relating to privacy issues in making a complaint, the Council may in its absolute discretion consider requests from the complainant for anonymity/ confidentiality