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Kano State Radio Corporation

Serve the people-AM; Radio Kano2 FM Stereo

Radio Kano’s history is dated back to 1946, as the station was originally a branch of the Radio Distribution Services (RDS) established by the then British Colonialists. Two other Radio distribution services established in the country within the same period were in Lagos and Ibadan. The first officer-in-charge of the radio distribution service in Kano in 1946 was late Alhaji Bello Dandago (Sarkin Dawaki Maituta). When the station assumed the name of provincial broadcasting house some years later, it also had various veteran broadcasters as officers-in-charge at different times.

  • Channel : Radio
  • License Type : Terrestrial Radio
  • Frequency : 549KHz, 729 KHz-AM;
  • General Manager : Hajia Sa'adatu Babaji
  • Channel URL :

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All complaints decided by the Council may be made publicly available including the name of the complainant. However, in the event of complainant has valid concerns relating to privacy issues in making a complaint, the Council may in its absolute discretion consider requests from the complainant for anonymity/ confidentiality