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Imo Broadcasting Corporation (IBC)

The Clearest Voice East of the Niger

Following the creation of Imo State from defunct East central state in 1976, the Imo Broadcasting Service (IBS) was established by edict No. 15 of 1976. The administrative headquarters was temporarily located at No. 13/15 Ajoku Street Owerri from where it was finally moved to the Egbu Road location. The operational station was first established at Government Trade Centre, Owerri and later moved to Egbu Road headquarters while the transmitter was installed at Orji. The IBS was essentially an amplitude modulation (AM) station and it transmitted on channel 721 kilohertz in the medium wave band. In March 2008, the IBC left the Egbu Office to its present headquarters at Chief Achike Udenwa Avenue, New Owerri.

  • Channel : Radio
  • License Type : Terrestrial Radio
  • Frequency : AM-721kHz 416 metre
  • CEO : Samfo Nwankwo
  • Channel URL :

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