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Tuesday, July 28 , 2015
Broadcast coverage of 2011 elections generally gave every party a fair means of reaching the public.

Full Name of station – MITV
The Company’s name – Murhi International Nig Ltd. Location - MITV Plaza Obafemi Awolowo Way Alausa Secretariat Ikeja Lagos LGA,Ikeja Lagos
Type of License – Terrestrial Television. Private
Call Sign/Slogan –MITV:The Soul of entertainment
Frequency/Channel – UHF 43
Telephone No:  012301222
Email Address – murhitv@yahoo.com  
Date of Establishment – 1993
Date of initial License – June 10, 1993
Renewals:  1998, 2003, 2008
Name of Chief Executive: Alhaji Murhi Gbade Busari                                                                   GSM – 08035103992
Staff strength -118                              
Universal Broadcasting Services Limited (SuperScreen)
CITI Trust Plaza
9/11 Catholic Street, Lagos
Tel:  23..., 2645380, 2664165
Frequency: 66.25 MHz,
Channel: 45UHF
Slogan: The Heart of Lagos
Chief Executive: Otunba Otukayode Otufale                                     
Channels Television
44-48, Channels TV Avenue Isheri North, Lagos State
Tel:+234(1)2131214/5  23..., 2881825
Frequency: 615.25MHz,
Channel: 39UHF
Slogan: Your Home for the News
Chairman: John Momoh
Full Name of station: Channels Television
Location: Isheri North
The Company’s name: Channels incorporated Ltd
Company’s address: 44-48, Channels TV Avenue, Isheri North, Lagos State
LGA: Kosofe
Type of License: Terrestrial Television
Ownership type: Private
Call Sign/Slogan: Your Home for the News
Frequency: 615.25MHz                                              &Channel of operation: UHF 39
Telephone No: 01-2131214/5,
Fax No:                                                                Email Address: info@channelstv.com
Date of Establishment: 1995
Date of initial License: June 1, 1993
Renewals: 1998, 2003, 2008, 2013
Name of Chief Executive: John Momoh           GSM:
Email address: jmomoh@channeltv.com
Staff strength: 338
Desmims Independent Television
Sheik Ibrahim Arab Broadcasting House
No. 4A, Sokoto Road, GRA, Kaduna
Tel:  23...
Fax: 234 62 245055
Frequency: 607 MHz,
Channel: 38UHF
Year of Establishment: 1994
Staff strength: 66
Slogan: The Unity Station.
Executive Chairman: Khalifa Baba Ahmed
Full Name of station: Galaxy Television
The Company’s name: Galaxy Television Ltd .
Location: No 25 Community Road Allen Avenue Ikeja, Lagos.
LGA: Onigbongbon, Lagos
Type of License: Terrestrial Television.
Ownership type: Private
Call Sign/Slogan –Station reaching for the Stars (Not registered with trademark office)
Frequency /channel of operation: UHF 27
Telephone No –01-2557704, 10-2557373, GSM –08037138560
Fax No: - , Email Address: galaxytelevision@c-mail.com
Date of Establishment – 1994
Date of initial License - 1992
Name of Chief Executive –Steve Ojo, Email address – unclesteveojo@yahoo.com
Staff strength: 100
Full Name of Station: DBN
Location: Lekki Phase 1-Lagos
Type of Licence: Television (Terrestrial)
Ownership: Private  
Call Sign/Slogan: DBN, Your choice Station
Frequency                                                    Channel of Operation: VHF 32
Company’s Name: Degue Broadcasting Network Ltd
Company’s Address: The Dream Centre, Durosinmi Etti Drive, Lekki Phase 1, P.o.Box 51162, Ikoyi, Lagos.
LGA: Etiosa, Lagos
Telephone No: 01-2130800,                                Email Address: info@dbntelevision.com
Date of Establishment – 1995
Date of initial Licence – 1993
Renewals:  1998, 2003, 2008
Name of Chief Executive: Mr Osa Sonny Adun
GSM: 08055170557                                                  E-mail address: adu@dbninternational.net
Total No of Staff: 102  (DBN group)
Independent Television
Glass House,
Airport Road,
P.M.B. 1703, Benin City
Tel:  234 52..., 252119, 602727, 602565
Fax: 234 52 251881, 251504
Frequency: 479.25 MHz
Channel: 22 UHF.
Year of Establishment: 1997
Slogan: Certainly the Best
Chairman: Gabriel Osawaru Igbinedion
Minaj Broadcast International     
130/132 Ladipo Street
Matori, Mushin, Lagos
Tel:  23..., 4529203-4
Frequency: 631.10MHz.
Channel 41UHF
Slogan: window to Africa
Chairman: Chief Mike Ajegbo
Minaj Broadcast International      Minaj Radiovision Plaza
Minaj DrivePOBox 494, Obosi.
Tel:  234 46...,486528, 486849
Channel: 43UHF
Year of Establishment: 58
No of staff: 1994
Slogan: Simply the Best.
Chairman: Ubaka Onwuanibe
 Africa Independent Television (AIT) LAGOS
Location: Alagbado, Lagos
Type of Licence: Terrestrial TV
Ownership Type: Private
Call Sign/Slogan:  AIT: Sharing the African Experience
Frequency/Channel of Operation: Channel 21
Company’s Name: DAAR Communications PLC
Company’s Address: 1, Ladi Lawal Drive, Kpaduma, Hill, Abuja
Contact Address: Communications Village, 1, AIT Drive, Off Abeokuta-Lagos Expressway, Ilapo, Alagbado, Lagos
LGA: Alomosho, State: Lagos
Telephone No – 070 25652231, GSM – 08023116312
Fax No 01-7730968, Email Address faymos84@yahoo.co.uk
Date of Establishment – 1996
Date of initial Licence – June 14, 1995
Renewal Of Licence- Dates: 2000, 2005, 2010 
Name of Current Chief Executive: Mrs Oluwatosin Dokpesi
GSM: 08022234564
Total No of Staff: 70
Africa Independent Television (AIT)
Plot 99, Festival Road,
Area 11,Garki
Tel:  23...
Fax: 234 9 2347242
Frequency: 535.20MHz
Channel: 31 UHF.
Year of Establishment: 1997
Slogan: Sharing the African Experience
Chairman: Aleogho Raymod Dokpesi        
Full Name of station – SILVERBIRD TELEVISION
The Company’s name – Silverbird Communications.
Location - Lekki Beach Lagos
Company’s Address- 17A Commercial Avenue, Sabo Yaba, Lagos
Type of License – Terrestrial Television.
LGA: Eti-Osa, Lagos.
Ownership Type:Private
Call Sign/Slogan – It is about entertainment
Frequency/Channel – channel 23
Telephone No. 01-7936938, GSM –
Fax No, Email Address –corporateaffairs@silverbirdgroup.com
Date of Establishment – 2003
Date of initial License – February 1, 2002
Renewal Date: February 1, 2007
Name of Chief Executive: Roy Murray-Bruce, GSM – 08034000312 Email address – roybruce@silverbirdgroup.com
Staff strength -195(both for TV and Rhythm FM).
Full Name of station: TV Continental
Location: Ikosi-Ketu, lagos
Type of Licence: Terrestrial TV
Ownership type: Private
The Company’s name: Continental Broadcasting services Ltd Company’s address: No 19 Alade Lola Street, Ikosi-Ketu, Lagos. LGA: Ikosi Isheri, Lagos
Call Sign/Slogan: your link to entertainment 
Telephone No: 01-730535839, GSM –
Fax No, Email Address: info@Tvc.com.ng
Date of Establishment: 2202
Date of initial License: October 31, 2002
Renewal date: not available
Name of Chief Executive: Mr. Dele Alake, GSM: 08027787474
Fax No.: -, Email address: alakedele@yahoo.com
Staff strength: 197 (both radio and TV)
Full Name of station: SuperScreen Television
Location: 151, Ikorodu Road Onipanu, Lagos
Company’s name: Universal Broadcasting Services
Company’s Address: 9/11, Catholic Mission street, Lagos Island, Lagos.
LGA: Mushin
Type of License: Terrestrial Television
Ownership type: Private
Call Sign/Slogan: SuperScreen for culture, for family
Frequency/channel of operation: UHF 45
Telephone No: 01-7413932, GSM:
Fax No, Email Address: info@superscreen.com
Date of Establishment:
Date of initial License:
Renewal date:
Name of Chief Executive: Otunba Otu Kayode Olunfale, GSM: 08027784632
Fax No.: -, Email address:
Staff strength: 85
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